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Dice and Dice Jewelry Are Here!

by Janel Lowrance May 25, 2021

I've been spending long days in the studio to perfect my dice techniques. It has been a fun and wild adventure! you can follow my dice making journey, tutorials and works in progress over at our instagram and tik Tok @thefairystitchfactory. I love to see my work in the wild, so feel free to use the hashtag #thefairystitchfactory or tag us when you share your goodies on social!




Coming Soon: Dice!

We're hard at work here at the fairy stitch factory working on a line of hand crafted resin dice with our own magical fairy flair. Each set of dice is going to be meticulously hand cast, sanded and polished here in house and will take several hours per set for us to create. We hope you will enjoy the craftsmanship and unique quality of each set of D&D dice.

All of my dice are hand molded from master dice I've finished myself, and they hand cast, sanded, inked and polished. Each set of dice can take over a week to complete, crafted with love and care to bring a little magic to your gaming table.

You can follow our dice journey on our instagram account @thefairystitchfactory

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come.


Limited Edition Seasonal Color for Spring

Sakura Sky!


Our Limited Edition color for spring is Sakura Sky! It's a baby pink to sky blue Ombre with rose colored Swarovski crystal accents. Available for spring only, so get yours before they fly away in June to make way for our summer limited edition color, Luna Dreams!