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Here is a List of Products We Use to Make Our Dice

Latex free Nitrile gloves

Gas rated ppe filters

Chemical Respirator

Silicone work mat

Pressure Pot

Pressure pot heating band

Air Compressor

Air Compressor Accessories

Mold Silicone

Dragonskin 10 Medium

Dragon Skin 10 Very Fast



set 1

set 2

Zona Papers

Dremel Sanding pads

Sanding pads


mixing spoons

Silicone mixing sticks

measuring beaker set

pouring cups

Ink bottles for Petri dice

Alcohol ink for resin dying and petri

30 set

complete set

Pinata white in for Petri dice

hydrangea flowers dried

Assorted small dried flowers

Artzeta acrylic paints for inking

set 1

set 2

set 3

Moltow Liquid Chrome


Foil color leaf

Christmas Glitter

Bat Glitter

leaf glitter

Phone holder and ring  light for streaming

wings epoxy